My First Onscreen Orgasm

Tonight I had my first real onscreen orgasm.  It is hard for me climax in the best environment (ie bottle of wine, lights off, my own bed, lesbian porn) and it is even harder with the pressure of doing it when asked and on camera.  So up to this point I have had to fake it every time a client has asked me.  Thus far no one has noticed, but I will admit it’s a little frustrating for me to get close, then have to fake it, and then have to get dressed and get ready for the next show.  So for me to climax onscreen during a show was a big deal and a bit of relief.

Story Time

In my bio on my company’s website, one of the things I have listed in my interests is threesomes.  I have never been in one but I honestly really want to try it.  I am bi and the idea of being in a threesome with a man and woman is a huge turn on for me.  I have recently found clients that are a couple and they are very much into the idea of being in a threesome with me.  For the sake of privacy I will call them Edward and Vivian, from ‘Pretty Woman’.  They are a BDSM couple where he is always dom.  They have discussed letting her be dom with me though, if we were to get together.  Usually I talk to one of them at a time (I guess it’s possible it’s just one person leading me on, but I have no way to tell) but every once in awhile they will be on together and will pay for a show.

Tonight I was just talking with Edward, because Vivian is out of town.  He told me they had been talking about me a lot and they really want to meet up.  They don’t live very far from me, but I have told them I’m not allowed to give out my personal information to clients.  He said he understood but he would try sending me a message with his information (I never received it, and this is not the first time, so I’m thinking my company screens my messages for personal information).

Edward really wanted to give me an idea of the kind of thing that I could expect if I were to meet up with them.  He told me that Vivian is really attracted to me also, but because he is the dom he gets to have me first.  He described having her watch as he had his way with me and then letting her have me afterwards.  He wanted to watch me masturbate as he described these things to me and it was a huge turn on for me.  I actually orgasmed when he told me she wanted to have a turn with me.

I really like this couple and I think it would be so much fun to meet up with them.  I just don’t know how to arrange it and I am not totally convinced it would be safe.  I honestly do want to have a threesome experience, but I have no idea how to find it for myself.  I’ve been hoping my company would set up something for me in one of the videos they produce, but I haven’t heard anything.  Maybe I will just keep thinking about Edward and Vivian and hopefully something will work out.


Author: MaggieFlynn

I am an outdoorsy, animal loving, adventure seeking foodie just trying to make it in this crazy world like everyone else.

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