My First Lesson

Tonight I had to learn a lesson that I’m sure all models learn at some point.  Lately I have had a lot of clients interested in arranging off screen time with me.  As I have mentioned, this is strictly against the rules.  As models, we are not allowed to solicit any off screen encounters or to give our personal information to clients.  As I have also mentioned, there are clients that find ways around these rules.  I have made a couple of posts about my exceptions: Tom is my patron and Vivian and Edward are the BDSM couple that I am interested in arranging a threesome with.  I really enjoy them and I do give them a good amount of my time off screen.

However, lately I have had a lot of clients pushing me for my time and I have been a little bit too accommodating.  I was up until 0400 this morning chatting with clients for free.  Out of the five hours I was online I probably only worked for two.  I am already exhausted from my day job and I can’t afford to get any less sleep, especially if I’m not getting paid.  I have had a couple of clients say they will pay for my time off screen, but once I’ve made the arrangements and we’re chatting, they don’t follow through.

So, I am putting my foot down.  No more off screen time for new clients.  I can’t say no to Tom, Edward, or Vivian, because I do really like them and I think it’s actually been good for my mental health to have them, but I am not making arrangements for anyone else.


Author: MaggieFlynn

I am an outdoorsy, animal loving, adventure seeking foodie just trying to make it in this crazy world like everyone else.

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