My Second Week

I still feel like this is a good experience for me.  I have over 200 followers and I am trying something new all the time.  I now have two “free chat lifers” but they are both really sweet guys and I don’t mind talking to them.  I am making enough money to support myself and to start paying off some of my debt.  I have had one heckler, but he was just upset that I wouldn’t take my top off for him for free, and he left my room pretty quickly.

My life off camera is a little more complicated.  I am still working 15-18 hour days, I am making about $6/hour (salaried) and my superiors are not kind.  They berate us for the smallest things, things that have no consequences, but inconvenience them in minor ways.  Yesterday I actually fainted during a procedure and had to be taken to the emergency room.  The doctor there said I most likely had a vasovagal event from the stress.

When I am on camera I am making a lot more money and the people have been really nice.  And I get to have fun sexual experiences on top of that.  It really puts things in perspective.


My First Week

I have officially been a webcam model for over a week now.  It’s already been a crazy experience.  I’ve done so many new things and learned a lot about what’s out there.

I have been doing 18 hours a day at my regular job and then about two hours a night on the webcam, so I am exhausted.  Today is my day off from my regular job though, so I am catching up on sleep and chores and time with my dogs.  I am also going to do yoga in the park in the sunshine, which I am really excited about.  I will probably model tonight, but maybe I won’t do it for very long and I will go to bed early.

I think this will be a sustainable way for me to make a living.  I am tired, but it isn’t strenuous and the flexible hours make it so I can work as much as I want whenever I want.  I just hope I don’t get burned out.  My sexuality is a big part of who I am.  I don’t want to do so much on the webcam that I can’t enjoy sex in real life, when the opportunity presents itself.